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Reviews on upcoming new release titled: "Demons"

"Rating - 10 out of 10
I love the instrumental. The song itself has a very catchy tune and I can imagine myself listening to it again. I caught myself dancing while listening although I don't listen to this genre often, I did really enjoy the song. I like the low vocals on the tune it was well put together!"

"Rating - 10 out of 10
I love the acoustics in the beginning. The guitar is subtle. The vocals are deep and the lyrics are dark. I absolutely love this song! I would hear this song on the radio and buy it. Oooh an edgy feel to the song and the beat is spooky and makes you feel like you're in a trance. The beat is catchy and the different instruments is amazing! Ooh the Egyptian music weaved into the song! I absolutely love this so much!"

Mike Parr Music

Welcome to Mike Parr Music!

Lately I have been writing short songs for companies to use as their background sound for their web videos, basically jingle writing. Now that I have my recording studio setup I can now also improve my sound engineer and production skills to help me when writing songs. I have been recording a lot of ideas and sounds then creating full songs from the ones I like. For example, in the last year I wrote over 50 jingles for businesses and of those pieces of songs, I took the sounds that caught my attention most and used that as a starting point for writing this latest album. It worked well for me as the album flowed pretty quickly.

We did get some attention on a test run on one of the songs with a limited release in Japan. We also received several upbeat positive reviews as well. The song name we tested on the new album was "Demons". With the positive reviews and comments,  we may promote a song in Japan this summer and see how well that performs for us.

I have also started a publishing company to release this new project and will remaster and re-release past albums. The entire record label blueprint has completely changed over the last couple of years and so has the places independent artists are being played. It’s like starting over but good thing I have digital marketing as a tool!

You can hear our songs on the ORIGINALS page soon and will be able to start downloading songs from the new album at multiple outlets like iTunes, Amazon, digital radio, etc..

Thank you for your continued support and hope to see you at a show soon 🙂


Top Radio Songs

The following songs I wrote have received airplay in several stations across the US!

  • Dreamin
  • A Little Faith
  • U Drive Me
  • Where Are the Bands
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