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Mike Parr

Mike started writing songs in the late 90's and released his first full length album in 2002 and caught the recording bug. Now that his kids are out of the house he has followed up with more albums, writes jingles for local businesses and will start playing live actively again this year. He is bringing his buddies back from the band SL40 (Speed Limit 40) to have fun again in live venues.

Robert Gassman

Bass, keyboard, acoustic guitar, backing vocals.

Musical inspiration:  The Beatles.  Started playing bass guitar in high school.  Played full-time with Stew Zooter following college graduation.  Returned to music after earning a juris doctorate.

Musical taste:  Classical, choral, jazz, rock.



Lead / Rhythm Guitar, Vocals, Bass and some old time fiddle. My musical influences run the gamut from Old Time pre-War blues to the Dead, to SL40.

What moves me is what I want to play. That's about it.


Jeremy Hicks-Kachik is a guitarist, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist from Maryland. He studied at Musicians Institute in Hollywood California and is also a certified Master Luthier, having completed the program at John Marshall's Luthiers International trade school.

Jeremy is currently the lead guitarist and songwriter for his band The Hushdown that has toured nationally and recorded three albums, the most recent of which featured drum legend Marco Minnemann, as well as the engineer for Joe Satriani, among other artists, and Grammy award winning Mixer Francis Buckley as mixing supervisor and producer/composer Chris Hayman. He is also a seasoned session musician, working and producing music for many bands all over the country, as well as commercial work for a few production companies including Sonic Gods (Los Angeles) and Limpepit Productions (North Hollywood).



JimmyO Burril played his first professional gig at the age of 13. A drummer all of his life, his parents bought him his first kit at the age of two in an effort to save their pots and pans. He has played everything from Jazz, Classical, Marching, Punk, New-Wave, Progressive, Theatre Musicals, but when asked it will tell you he is a Rock and Roll drummer. His two biggest influences are Keith Moon and John Bonham, which is evident in his “Aggressive” playing style. He has also written and produced four musicals, as well as made several independent horror films, most notably, Chainsaw Sally. He is currently active with the bands The Hushdown, Wind Up Toy, Rogue Swan
Theatre Company, and The Maryland Conservatory of Music.

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