Tue May 1  Drums

If you have been playing your drums weekly for more than a year or 2, you know it’s time to replace your drum heads. And not just the top batter side. It’s not really that expensive, depending on the number of drums in your kit. The difference in sound is worth it after a while. […]


Mon Apr 2  Drums
Drum Mic Selection     By

Drum Mic types and techniques are extremely important in a live mix. Just remember though that the weakest link with affect your sound. In other words, if your pa sucks for the venue you are at then it doesn’t matter how good your drums, drum heads, tuning, drum skills, mics purchased, etc is because, well, […]


Mon Apr 2  Drums
Tuning Your Drums     By

Tuning your drums is basically tightening the screws to your best sound. Its how you do it that matters, to you! First Step: Remove old drum head, if replacing your drum head Clean your drum top area with a soft lint-free cloth to remove any dust or fingerprints Place your new head on top of […]